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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

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Definition: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to move or transfer files between two computers on the Internet. FTP is a simple network protocol based on Internet Protocol. FTP can also be used for the process of copying or manipulating files locally on one computer when using FTP technology.  It is also used to set file folder or directory permissions, and again for folder copying, naming, renaming or manipulation.

To transfer files with FTP, you use a program most often called the "client." The FTP client initiates a connection to a remote computer running FTP "server" software.  If you purchase web hosting, this is the most common method of deploying a website.  After the connection is established, the client can choose to send and/or receive copies of files, singly or in groups. To connect to an FTP server, a client requires a username and password as set by the administrator of the server. Many public FTP archives follow a special convention for that accepts a username of "anonymous."

Simple FTP clients are included with most network operating systems, but most of these clients (such as FTP.EXE on Windows) support a relatively unfriendly command-line interface. Many alternative freeware / shareware third-party FTP clients have been developed that support graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and additional convenience features. In any FTP interface, clients identify the FTP server either by its IP address (such as or by its host name (such as

FTP supports two modes of data transfer: plain text (ASCII), and binary. You set the mode in the FTP client. A common error when using FTP is attempting to transfer a binary file (such as a program or music file) while in text mode, causing the transfered file to be unusable.

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